SERIES | Creepy Chronicles

SERIES | Creepy Chronicles

3 Episodes

A chilling throwback series that mimics the horror and sci-fi of the 1950's.

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SERIES | Creepy Chronicles
  • Creepy Chronicles: Pool Party

    Episode 1

    What's one little pill? When Dr. Blankenship (Josh Hodgins, Contrition) takes a mentally ill patient, David (Aaron Bennett, The Tommy Movie), off of his medication, the consequences are dire. Is he going insane, or is he being manipulated?

  • Creepy Chronicles: The Keeper

    Episode 2

    Rushed to the hospital after a car wreck, Virginia (Katelyn Gault, Air Bound) sees a vision of her dead daughter Elizabeth. Using others who have been trapped in this place by THE KEEPER, Virginia and Lilith (Nicole Criss, A Horse For Summer) bond together to find their way out of the Keeper's ho...

  • Creepy Chronicles: Pod Snatchers

    Episode 3

    Something is wrong in this small town. One by one, people are being taken over. Is it something in the air? Claudia (Vanessa Leigh, The Tommy Movie) is on a mission to save her husband Herman (Richard Anderson, Inclusion Criteria). With the help of Officer Baker (Craig Hensley, Doherty) and Dr. B...