What Is Screambox?

Screambox is the leading streaming service for real die-hard horror fans.

More than 100,000 Screamers have already joined and discovered exclusive content not available on any other subscription streaming service -- and that number is growing faster than a pile of dead bodies after a high school prom.

What’s the Draw?

There are a lot of reasons, but here are the top 3 we hear from subscribers.

  1. We’re 100% Fan Focused

    Screambox is an independent streaming service built by horror fans for other fans. We are not a vanilla, corporate entity, which means we can offer both top horrors and thrillers that mainstream audiences know, as well as programming that other services won’t touch.

    More than 70% of Screambox titles aren’t available for streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Shudder -- with new content added every week.

    We talk to our subscribers regularly and they consistently tell us that they stay with Screambox because we offer such a unique and diverse selection. As a horror fan, you probably own the big names already -- movies featuring Freddy, Jason, and the like -- but to be able to discover and watch these underground films is the real treat.

  2. Accessibility -- Watch Anytime, Anywhere

    You can watch 500+ movies and shows on more than 80 million connected TVs and 100 million mobile devices in the US. Subscribers can view content on any connected laptop, tablet or phone, or stream content using PlayStation, XBOX, Roku, Amazon Fire, Samsung TV, Apple TV, iOS, LeEco, or Android*. You can even subscribe directly via Amazon Channels.

  3. The Best Price on Earth (or the Fiery Pits of Hell)

    For less than the cost of renting a movie at your local video store (if you can still find one), you can watch unlimited, commercial-free movies and shows spanning all your favorite horror genres: from slashers to inhuman monsters, supernatural suspense to psychological thrillers, and even a number of extreme titles that were never released outside of independent theaters and festivals.

    Screambox delivers the films fans are dying to see -- at a price everyone can afford:

    Plus, you can cancel at any time to avoid future monthly or annual charges.

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* Android tablet available now. Google Play app for Android phones launches Q2, 2017.