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  • SERIES | Character with Christopher Nelson

    1 season

    Joining Christopher Nelson are Rick Baker, Bart Mixon, Margaret Prentice and Vincent Van Dyke. Dive in and experience unprecedented insight into the world of horror and creature special FX.

  • SERIES | Homicidal Homemaker

    1 season

    Inspiring others to bring a spooky element to every day life through horror recipes, cocktails, crafts, & tutorials.

  • SERIES | Killer Questions

    1 season

    Learn more about your favorite horror influencers in this Q/A series that's only available on Screambox!

  • SERIES | Behind the Screams

    1 season

    Go behind the screams of your favorite horror events and attractions. Only on Screambox!

  • Guest Scream J: Galaxy

    Join Guest Scream J Galaxy, her creepy doll co-host, and her befuddled sound man as she walks us through her top Screambox picks.

  • Guest Scream J: Heather

    Here she is, the Empress of Evil, Duchess of the Dark, Queen Mother of Murder -- Heather Lennon, Screambox's first ever Guest 'Scream J'. Heather is a huge horror enthusiast. She loves it all, from movies to haunted houses and hayrides, to horror conventions and Halloween. She and her husband lov...

  • Guest Scream J: Norm

    Guest Scream J Norm Gidney is the fearless founder of HorrorBuzz.com. A true expert in horror history and pop culture, Norm invites us into the Horror Buzz headquarters where he lists his Top 10 favorite movies on Screambox.