SERIES | Character with Christopher Nelson

SERIES | Character with Christopher Nelson

3 Episodes

Joining Christopher Nelson are Rick Baker, Bart Mixon, Margaret Prentice and Vincent Van Dyke. Dive in and experience unprecedented insight into the world of horror and creature special FX.

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SERIES | Character with Christopher Nelson
  • Where Are All the Women At?

    Episode 1

    A look at women's roles in this changing industry, music in the makeup chair, and "colorful" celebrity stories you've never heard.

  • Halloween, Horror, and Jeff Goldblum's Balls

    Episode 2

    Get the inside scoop on Halloween, working with David Cronenberg, and a horror story about Jeff Goldblum's testicles from a round table of FX industry heavy-hitters, hosted by Academy Award-winning special effects makeup artist Christopher Nelson (Suicide Squad).

  • Hollywood Politics and Dinnertime Prosthetics

    Episode 3

    Tales from American Werewolf in London, Suicide Squad, Planet of the Apes, and how the new Beauty & the Beast failed.