SERIES | Killer Questions

SERIES | Killer Questions

5 Episodes

Learn more about your favorite horror influencers in this Q/A series that's only available on Screambox!

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SERIES | Killer Questions
  • Killer Questions with Vanessa and Leslie

    Episode 1

    Killer Questions is a new Screambox feature where we ask luminaries of the horror world questions about their favorite movies, their deepest fears, and what they think about the state of terror today. In our first installment, we sit down with Instagram horror enthusiast Vanessa Decker (@horror.v...

  • Killer Questions with The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

    Episode 2

    Paige McKenzie and Mercedes Rose from The Haunting of Sunshine Girl join us for another round of Killer Questions. We address the burning questions everyone is dying to have answered, like what cuddly movie alien scarred Paige for life, is there any way to scrub the final scene of Seven from your...

  • Killer Questions with BlackBoxTV

    Episode 3

    In this edition of Killer Questions, we’re joined by Tony Valenzuela. Tony is an award-winning filmmaker and the founder of BlackBoxTV, a genre entertainment studio and YouTube channel dedicated to original series, short films and immersive VR/360 experiences. We’ll discuss horror in movies, virt...

  • Killer Questions with Tha Wikid One

    Episode 4

    In this edition of Killer Questions, we're joined by the multi-talented Josh Schultz a.k.a Tha Wikid One. Josh has spent the last 15 years touring the nation and bringing his own intense brand of Horrorcore Hip Hop to horror fans everywhere. We sit down with Josh to ask him about his horror movie...

  • Killer Questions with Michael Varrati

    Episode 5

    Join us for a special 13 Screams to Halloween edition of Killer Questions. In this episode, indie filmmaker Micheal Varrati explains why he thinks people like to be scared, tell us which horror iconic he would take on a road trip, and even weighs in on the hotly debated candy corn issue. Michael ...