TRENDING TERROR | The Hottest Titles of the Week

TRENDING TERROR | The Hottest Titles of the Week

What have Screamers been watching lately? Check out our hottest titles!

TRENDING TERROR | The Hottest Titles of the Week
  • Brain Freeze (Original Language Version)

    An exclusive golf club hires a multinational biotech company whose "revolutionary" fertilizer melts the snow, contaminating the water and transforming the residents into zombies. While searching for answers, survivors André and Dan fight peacocks, mad scientists and the army itself.

  • Painkiller

    In the midst of America's deadly opioid epidemic, an unlikely anti-hero emerges. After losing his daughter to a drug overdose, a broken father begins a vigilante campaign targeting doctors and pharmaceutical executives. Teaming up with a rogue cop, they set out to dismantle this network of white-...

  • Messiah of Evil

    Hailed in 2003 by The British Film Institute as "a rare work of cinematic genius," this occult tale comes from writer/director Willard Huyck, known for his work on such popular movies as American Graffiti, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and of course, Howard the Duck. Starring a bevy of 19...

  • The Entity

    A group of student filmmakers seek out a mysterious video they read about on the Dark Web, leading to a roller-coaster ride of terror from the vaults of a labyrinthine cemetery to obscure corners of cyberspace.

  • The Stairs - Trailer


    Twenty years after a mysterious disappearance, a group of friends find themselves along the same trail unaware of a long-forgotten evil lurking just beyond the tree-line. See The Stairs in Theaters on August 12! Get tickets for a theater near you at

  • Fatale Collective: Bleed


    In this brisk six-shooter anthology, an ensemble of women share entertainingly twisted tales that span disturbing subjects and sick styles through decidedly feminist lenses. Learn more about Fatale Collective on their Facebook Page.

  • The Terror of Hallow's Eve


    When fifteen-year-old Timmy Stevens is savagely beaten up by high school bullies, his intense yearning for revenge unintentionally summons up evil supernatural forces offering to scare his despised enemies to actual death.

  • Blood Punch


    A young man is lured into a dangerous love triangle that takes a series of shocking and grisly supernatural turns.

  • Spike


    Through a series of dreamlike images, a girl and her three friends find themselves stranded in a dark and surrealistic forest, and stalked by someone - or something - who has obsessively loved, watched, and waited for the girl ever since childhood.

  • An English Haunting


    In 1960s England, Blake Cunningham and his alcoholic mother are forced to move into the mysterious Clemonte Hall, a vast isolated manor house, to care for his dying Grandfather who resides in the attic room. Soon, ghostly goings-on fill the house with dread, as it becomes apparent Grandfather's i...

  • Hellmaster


    A psychotic college professor uses unwitting students as laboratory rats, injecting them with a drug that mutates them into gory killers.

  • Marla


    A deranged doctor takes advantage of a young woman getting an IUD implanted. After the surgery, she becomes aware that something is terribly wrong, and that the doctor has implanted something deadly inside her.

  • Devil's Acid


    When it's time for dad to tell his sons a bedtime story, little people with bad dispositions, sexy twins, and tabs of acid are all suitable material when the Devil's involved.

  • The Domicile


    When Russell's wife accidentally dies in their home, his mental state goes from bad to one of utter despair. As the ghost of his dead wife awakens, her spirit becomes aware of the sordid details surrounding his unfaithfulness, enraging this supernatural being to haunt him in every horrifying way ...

  • Legion


    In the year 2036, a special forces team formed from death-row prisoners takes on a mission. Among them is a former war hero offered the chance at a pardon if he joins the team to infiltrate an enemy facility. Of course, everything is not as it seems, and soon the team finds itself being picked of...

  • Knifecorp

    A group of young salespeople, who go door-to-door selling high-end knives, end up knocking on the wrong door – the home of an angry and dangerous recluse who intends to put the knives to good use against them!

  • Grotesque

    A young couple are kidnapped, waking up shackled in a basement. A sadistic "physician" tortures, mutilates and violates them, forcing them into a game of torment that slowly extinguishes their hopes for survival.

  • Satan's Slave

    A young girl is caught up in a devil cult run by her evil uncle and cousin. She can trust no one and even people she thought were dead comes back to haunt her.

  • Black Christmas

    During their Christmas break, a group of sorority girls are stalked by a stranger.

  • The Stepfather

    After murdering his entire family, a man remarries a widow with a teenage daughter in another town and prepares to do it all over again.